About Kalliope Kids

Named after the circus and carousel instrument, Kalliope (ka-LY-a-pee) Kids is designed to be an instrument of fun fashion for the unique and modern child, while evoking a feeling of nostalgia with a vintage era twist.

We, at Kalliope Kids, believe that every child should feel handsome or beautiful in their own way. Luxurious fabrics, ruffles, buttons and bows, and a mix of prints bring these developing personalities to life through fashion. We want every boy and girl to feel confident and unique in our designs. It is for kids that want to be stylish but still know how to be kids. In our line, kids are free to dance to the beat of their own instruments.

Kalliope Kids is a children’s clothing brand founded in San Antonio, Texas, by Nicole Campbell and Jennifer Jones.

Best friends since high school, these two moms aspire to provide families with unique children’s designs that kids and parents both love.

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